Soundset Sunday

Soundset Sunday was started in 2019, at a time where we (as DJ duo Nouveaux) weren’t enjoying as much success as we’d have liked. We created it as a platform to showcase both ourselves and the talented people we had acquainted ourselves with over the years, as well as to serve the fan base that we had cultivated. What started out as a humble get-together has moved on from The Factory on Grant, to The Royale, to Hallmark House and now to The Nest and has grown into a party that can cater to over 600 people.

At its core, Soundset Sunday is a celebration of a community that values togetherness, a community that is welcoming to like-minded newcomers, a community with an eclectic musical palate and an electric fashion sense to match. It’s about walking into a space, whether for the first time or the fifth time, and knowing immediately that you are home.